Google workspace Admin Setup

Fortuler Business Solutions Private limited is Google Cloud Partner and we support Google Workspace Customer Onboarding With domain or Exisiting Domain. Following Minimum advisiory from us.
  • Choose your Google Workspace edition
  • Sign up for a free Google Workspace trial/Demo
  • Set up Google Workspace for your organization
  • Migrate your organization’s data to Google Workspace
  • Use your Admin console
  • Train your Google Workspace users
  • Contact support / fix a problem
  • Google Workspace videos & webinars
  • Set up services for your business (Gmail, Drive, etc.)
  • Service access and sync options
  • Billing and subscriptions
  • Users and domains (Helpdesk)
  • Advanced deployments and business features
  • Need more help?

Business editions

Applies for Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus editions.

Choose your business size to get started.

Set up business email for your domain

If you’re done with your pilot and haven’t yet activated Gmail for your domain, do so now. You need to change your domain’s MX records to direct mail to Google’s mail servers. We also recommend you add an SPF record to your domain settings.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what MX or SPF records are. Just see below for steps.


Migrate users’ mail, calendar, & contacts

Use our professional support to import your team’s existing emails, calendar events, and contacts to Google Workspace. You can migrate data directly from Microsoft Exchange, HCL Notes (formerly IBMNotes), or another IMAP server. Or, you can let your team import their data by themselves. 

Fortuler Services

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