The SOHO (Small office/ Home office) market is one of the fastest growing cyber security markets but most small business are often focused on two priorities

  1. Building and growing their revenues streams an
  2. Finding and keeping customers.

With so many challenges overwhelming small offices, cybersecurity isn’t a top priority — leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of home antivirus protection with the special capabilities that will keep small office employees safe while doing their jobs.

When talking about cybersecurity, very small businesses usually have the following pain points:

1. All we want to focus on is making money instead of worrying about the threats that can damage our business. But we have to deal with it somehow to keep working with no fear.
Insight: Very small businesses have no budget yet to afford a dedicated IT professional. So, all IT – including security – is usually handled by the most tech savvy employee or the business owner.
2. We already store our critical files and customer information on our computers, servers, and mobile devices. Losing it may lead to operations termination, client losses, legal penalties, etc.
Insight: People who work in a very small business may use many devices including BYOD devices so the valuable files are stored all over them. Very small businesses often use file servers to store critical business data and it is vital those servers are protected.
3. We strongly rely on the Internet to do our job but understand that our employees are quite poorly educated about online best practices. Users can make a mistake that puts the whole business at risk.
Insight: Users with weak computer skills give plenty of opportunities to scammers and phishers to compromise employees’ accounts, steal money, lock out computers for ransom, etc.
Free antivirus and consumer-level products cannot meet these very small business requirements… and they cannot protect the range of systems and devices that businesses need secured.

  • How Kaspersky Small Office Security relieves these pain points
    •  A simple solution providing excellent protection with no additional investments
      Kaspersky Small Office Security has been specifically designed for very small businesses and comes with the optimum set of capabilities for business so they can safely focus on their revenue instead of IT security.
    • Kaspersky Small Office Security requires purchasing nothing but the license. It works efficiently with the hardware, equipment, and devices a small business already owns. This truly cost-effective solution boosts productivity while adding crucial security to small business systems without busting the budget.
      2. Sensitive data protection across all devices and occasions
    •  Kaspersky Small Office Security protects PCs, Mac computers and Windows file servers – plus Android mobile devices against known, unknown, and advanced threats. So, you are free to work with your files on any device.
    • Data Encryption to safely store and transfer valuable files. It converts data – stored on PCs and file servers – into an unreadable form that defeats cybercriminals’ attempts to access confidential information. Unauthorized access is prevented by storing the converted data in special protected vaults.
    • It’s also easy to create local and online Data Backups of important files in case of emergency.
    • Even more:
    • File shredding to permanently erase data
    • Discovery and removal of unused data
      3. Solution to protect employees before they make a mistake
    • Protection against ransomware. Even if a user did follow the malicious link and ransomware tries to encrypt any of the business’s files, a backup copy of the unencrypted file is automatically created and then stored in the temporary files folder.
    • Protection against digital financial data fraud scams. We help to protect the business’s money, credit card numbers, and bank account information. Whenever the business accesses online banking or payment services – via a PC or Mac – our unique Safe Money adds an extra layer of security. It’s very easy to see if a website is safe: the browser window, launched with Safe Money, will have a green frame indicating it’s safe.
    • Safe Internet and email usage. Kaspersky Small Office Security protects your business from malicious attempts to hijack your data or network. It automatically blocks malicious web sites, suspicious downloads, filters out spam, phishing emails, and suspicious email attachments. A special “do not track” functionality works to monitor and block websites from tracking online behavior.
    • Account takeover prevention. Kaspersky Small Office Security takes care of simple password usage like “123456”. It will notify you if your file server has a weak password policy making sure your sensitive files are safe. On the other hand, the licenses include Password Manager for securely storing passwords, credit card details, and the files you care for most.



Pricing and licensing: – Kaspersky Small Office Security is available for anything between 5 and 25 devices. Purchasing 5 licenses means you can protect 5 computers + 5 Android mobile devices, 1 server and get 5 password manager licenses. other products learn more 


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How does Kaspersky Small Office Security work?
Kaspersky Small Office Security just works out-of-the-box. It doesn’t require any management or configuration.

To protect any device, just send one email to the person you want to protect. Once the application is installed on the device, it is protected. Or just download it from the Kaspersky website, install it – and forget about any security issues.

As a business solution, Kaspersky Small Office Security has a special portal for an easy way to check your license status and expiration date, see the devices protected or send a support request if you need any help.

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